Restaurants in Sorsogon

Coming to Sorsogon city is not a complete and fulfilling trip if you dont stop by at some of the Sorsogon restaurants that are there to give you a fine dining experience that would be nice to cherish and remember. There are actually many to mention, but, for starters, here are seven (7) of the most commonly known Sorsogon restaurants that you should never forget to include in your itinerary.

Acacia Grill

Located at VL Peralta Street in Sorsogon Town, where inexpensive and Chinese dishes are served to please your tastebuds, is one of the Sorsogon restaurants you shouldnt miss. This is known to many as the Acacia Grill. The ambience is totally relaxing and the restaurant is usually conveniently open to serve you twelve hours daily. Many diners find that the meals are not that pricey and the foods are really deliciously-cooked to satisfy you.

Balkon Bar and Restaurant

Another of the Sorsogon restaurants is Balkon. If you choose to come to this place, dont forget to try one of their special spicy dishes which is Kinunot (stingray or pagi). This is cooked in coconut, chili, milk and sigarilyas. Coming to this restaurant is like coming home to good food and friendly people who ready to serve you. The foods are wonderfully affordable, and you can already have more to munch on when you bring a budget of around P500 to P1,000.

Casa Dominga

In Balogo, Sorsogon city is another of the Sorsogon restaurants that can give you a delightful gastronomic experience. Try their creamy dishes such as Bicol Paella and Shrimps in Aligue (Aligue is actually Crab Fat). A budget of P500 is perfect for the budget-wise but hungry traveler since most of their meals are aptly priced at around P160 per dish.

Dahon Saging Restaurant

Dahon Saging restaurant is named as such since their dishes are mainly served and adorned with dahon ng saging or banana leaves. The meals are basically local favorites. Bring P500 with you, and you could enjoy its scrumptious Filipino cuisine.

Mango Grill

You can find most of the Sorsogon restaurants in the busy streets of the city. That goes for Mango Grill and the other Sorsogon restaurants (which serve fastfood or fine dining options). Most visitors of the city like hopping to this place because of the great food and the free videoke service it offers where one can sing to their hearts content. Their food choices are also affordable.

Kalundan Seafood Restaurant

Kalundan Seafood Restaurant offers you a rich taste of the local foods. It is famous for its delectable seafood dishes and fine dining accommodations. Located in Bitan-o in the city, this restaurant cooks your choice of meals in a jiffy. And you can already enjoy a hot dish of your choice without having to wait for hours.

Waway Restaurant

Just like the other Sorsogon restaurants in the vicinity, Waway Restaurant boasts of interestingly-prepared dishes. One of its most-loved dishes is the Pinangat (or, more commonly known to local residents as Laing). This dish is a rich blend of gabi leaves, meat, chili and coconut milk. It is neatly wrapped in gabi leaves, and tied with coconut leaf for a native appeal that truly looks delicious.

Spicy foods, the freshest seafoods, creamy sauces, intricate and natively-designed dishes are the things that you would be pleased to try when you go to these Sorsogon restaurants. These are just some of the pride of the city that you would probably love to come back to when there is a chance for you to do so again. Just like the others who have gone to these places, you would probably agree that dining in Sorsogon is really an experience to remember!



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