Sorsogon Hotels and Resorts

Situated within Bicol Region in the Philippines, the province of Sorsogon is a tremendously fine place where people can find beautiful hotels and resorts, which play a major role in the booming tourism industry within the area. Within these exciting places, people can expect nothing but the finest hotel services, accommodations, as well as facilities available. For years, they have provided tourists, guests, and visitors a decent, pleasant, and pleasurable stay within the region as they explore its wonderful and fascinating surroundings as well as other exciting places of interest.

Munting Paraiso Beach Resort

Known for its extremely fine and beautiful surroundings, Munting Paraiso Beach Resort is a topnotch hospitality service provider located at Barangay J. Gerona within the municipality of Bulan in the province of Sorsogon. The place owns simple yet highly convenient and elegant facilities, which are guaranteed to provide its guests with the most relaxing, satisfying, and enjoyable stay available. Basic hotel amenities include uninterrupted power and water supply, exotic bathrooms, and a spacious function hall that can accommodate large gatherings as well as other special occasions. When staying at this place, people can choose from different exciting room types including an Oval House, a Rizal House, and an Apartment House.

Fernando’s Hotel

Definitely one of the finest places to stay in the province of Sorsogon, Fernando’s Hotel offers world-class facilities, convenient services, as well as super affordable rates for everyone. Found along N. Pareja Street within Barangay Bitan-o in Sorsogon City, this place takes pride in the wonderful and inexpensive tour packages that it offers including Bulusan Volcano Trekking, Whale Shark Interaction Tour, and Land Based Eco-Tour. More importantly, this top-rating hotel provides high quality room accommodations including Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Mabuhay Rooms, all available within the price range of 1,100 pesos to 3,200 pesos. Each of these wonderful units is equipped with topnotch hotel amenities like a telephone line, a refrigerator, and a cable television set.

Villa Kasanggayahan Pensione

An off-the-main-road hotel located near the Plaza of Sorsogon City, Villa Kasanggayahan Pensione offers highly affordable room rates for all its valued guests and visitors. Despite the inexpensive prices, the place still offers topnotch services, amenities, and accommodations for truly satisfying stays. This fine hotel has a quiet and very relaxing atmosphere, which matches the cool green paint of the building from the outside. It has air-conditioned rooms, with comfortable beds and other important amenities including television sets as well as hot and cold shower fixtures.

Rizal Beach Resort

Found at Rizal within the municipality of Gubat in the province of Sorsogon, Rizal Beach Resort is an excellent place to stay where people can find comfort, solace, and relaxation while cruising past the streets of the area. This nice hotel offers wonderful services including car rentals, airport transfers, as well as catering, all of which are guaranteed to provide its valued guests and visitors modern convenience. Right inside the place, people can find topnotch amenities like beach cottages, recreational facilities, and a souvenir shop. Add to that, this fine hotel resort also offers exclusive tours to different tourist attractions in the area.

Veramaris Resort

Situated along Rizal Beach within the municipality of Gubat in the province of Sorsogon, Veramaris Resort is another outstanding hotel that offers modern convenience, comfort, and pleasure to all its valued customers and guests. Inside this simple yet elegant hotel facility, people can find nice rooms from only 1,090 pesos to 1,750 pesos, all of which have in-room amenities like cable television sets and air-conditioning units.

Mercedes Country Lodge

One of the most accessible hotels in Sorsogon City, people can easily find Mercedes Country Lodge along Rizal and V. L. Peralta Streets within Barangay Talisay. Within the nice premises of this topnotch hotel, they can experience excellent accommodations through wonderful facilities such as Vilma’s Cybernet Kiosk, Green Lamp Bar, and Vic’s Videoke Place. In addition, they can also check out special places like Rice Paddy restaurant and have fun at Shepherd’s Hut Billiards and Café. Besides the outstanding hotel facilities, the place also offers inexpensive rooms such as Budget Rooms, Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Superior Rooms, all of which are available from as low as 400 pesos to 800 pesos.



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