Sorsogon Education

Known as one of the most progressive second-class provinces within the southern region of the Philippines, Sorsogon features high standard universities and colleges that comprise its outstanding education system. In order to teach students in the most efficient way possible, these schools offer first-rate academic programs. By offering high quality education without compromising the quality of education, many students love to enroll at these premier schools. More importantly, these wonderful colleges and universities have extensive scholarship programs in-stored for everyone.

Aemilianum College

Situated at Piot in the City of Sorsogon, Aemilianum College is a topnotch educational institution that offers excellent academic programs, and is one of the accredited schools of the Philippine Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. Some of the outstanding three-year courses available at this premier college are Mechanical Technology Major in Metal Working Technology, Automotive Technology, and Electronics Technology. To accommodate more students, it also offers commendable two-year courses such as Computer Programming, Computer Secretarial, as well as Computer Technology.

Sorsogon National Agricultural School

Located at Mayon within the municipality of Castilla, Sorsogon National Agricultural School is one of the premier educational institutions that offer affordable tuition fees. Aside from its famous agricultural academic programs, the school also offers outstanding technical courses. Amongst its most interesting technical courses are Certificate in Agribusiness Technology, Farm Tool and Welding Fabrication, and Automotive Technology. Furthermore, the place also features comprehensive scholarship programs for highly skilled students.

Bicol University-Extension

Found within Gubat in the province of Sorsogon, Bicol University is one of the leading, commendable, and excellent state universities in the entire region. To ensure students of high quality education, it offers outstanding baccalaureate degree programs such as Bachelor of Science in Food Technology, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Technology, as well as Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Since it is a state university, it prioritizes the economically challenged but highly competent tertiary students in the province.

Bicol Merchant Marine College

Situated within Piot in Sorsogon City, Bicol Merchant Marine College is a private tertiary school that takes pride on its excellent reputation in the field of Maritime Education. To produce more responsible, intelligent and competent professionals, the school offers various academic programs such as Seafarer-Engine Rating Course, Seafarer-Deck Rating Course, and Seafarer Steward Rating Course. To accommodate more students, it also offers other interesting and in-demand courses like Hotel, Restaurant, and Management Course.

WRI Computer College

Found at 499 Esperanza Building along Gogon Street within the municipality of Bibincahan in Sorsogon, WRI Computer College is a tertiary school that aims to produce young individuals with exemplary skills in the field of Information Technology. To achieve its objective, this educational institution offers two-year academic programs like Computer Programming as well as Computer Secretarial. Aside from these outstanding programs, it also offers shorter but just-as-important courses like Professional Caregiver Course and Certificate in Software Development.

Veritas College of Irosin

Located at Barangay San Julian within the municipality of Irosin in the province of Sorsogon, Veritas College of Irosin is a private tertiary school that aims to meet the high demands for competent workforce. To produce skilled graduates, the educational institution offers two-year technical courses, which include academic programs related to Electronic Data Processing, Automotive Technology, as well as Electrical Technology. In addition, the school offers short courses in the field of Computer Technology like Data Encoding.

Solis Institute of Technology

Situated at Managa-naga within the municipality of Bulan in the province of Sorsogon, Solis Institute Technology is another excellent school that received accreditation from TESDA to offer commendable technical courses. Some of the most interesting and outstanding courses that it offers are Computer Hardware Servicing, Computer Secretarial, as well as Information Technology. To accommodate more students, this wonderful school offers lower tuition fees compared to other colleges and universities in the province.



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