Sorsogon Beaches

Like the rest of the provinces of the Philippines, Sorsogon has its own shares of spectacular beaches that are worthy of visit. Because the province is surrounded by water, you will find numerous coastal beaches with fine white sands where you can curl your toe fingers.
If you have never been seen pink sands, you should try some of the Sorsogon beaches. Many of these beaches also offer exciting activities for thrill seekers. You can try scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing and jet skiing. Some of the most beautiful beaches are discussed below.

Rizal Beach

This is one of the most popular Sorsogon beaches. It is located in Gubat which is about 25 minutes away from Sorsogon City. This beach boasts of a long stretch of white sand and it is famous among tourists, local and foreign, as a great picnic destination. You can now find two resorts offering accommodations along Rizal Beach. Both resorts offer air-conditioned rooms, cottages, function halls, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Tolong-Gapo Beach

Tolong-Gapo means three stones. Unlike most Sorsogon beaches, the name of this beach tells of a local legend about the three stones that can be found off its shores. The story has it that a lightning struck a boy, a cat and a carabao and turned them into three rocks that are now seen off the white sand beaches of Tolong Gapo. Needless to say, there is a belief that you should avoid playing with a cat during thunderstorms or you run the risk of being hit by a lightning. You will then be turned into stone. The long stretch of white-sand beaches is lined with cottages that are owned by various individuals. You will also find small restaurants and stores all over the beach. This beach is about 15 minutes away from Sorsogon City.

Paguriran Island

Sorsogon beaches also include beautiful islands that you can reach by motorized boats. If you want to visit an island in Sorsogon, you should start with the Paguriran Island. It will take you about 40 minutes boat ride from the center of Bacon District and 20 minutes boat ride from Barangay Buenavista to reach the place. The whole island is worth the trip. It is completely picturesque. You will find a lagoon with craggy rocks around it at the center of the island. This used to be the home of giant sea turtles. There are plans underway, however, to restore this sanctuary.

Libanon Beach

This beach is located in San Juan, Bacon. Unlike other Sorsogon beaches, Libanon offers black fine sand. A part of the beach is covered by huge black rocks. These rocks are believed to have come from Mt. Mayon.

Sabang Beach

This is one of few Sorsogon beaches that are operated by the government. This white sand beach resort is located near the town of Bulan, Sorsogon. It offers various kinds of cottages with rooms, conference rooms and a small relaxing cafeteria.

Dancalan Beach

If you want to do some snorkeling, you should definitely visit Dancalan Beach. This is one of Sorsogon beaches that boats of coral reefs teeming with life. It is run by a local community cooperative. The beach has concrete cottages, canteen and a small store. If you don’t feel comfortable staying in a cottage, you can get an air-conditioned room from the hotel near the beach.

Olango Beach

Located past the town of Sta. Magdalena, you will find one of the best Sorsogon beaches. Olango is a great place to go to if you want to do some snorkeling. It has shallow waters and beautiful coral gardens. The place is tranquil and completely relaxing. The only sounds you will hear are the breaking waves and the blowing sea breeze. It is a perfect place to escape to if you need peace and quiet.

There are many Sorsogon beaches that you can go to if you are planning to visit Sorsogon. They are all untouched and they all have something to offer.



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