How to get to Sorsogon

Since the province of Sorsogon is quite accessible, you can be sure to find a lot of travel options when you want to get there. We'll go over the different travel methods available when getting into the province and its many destinations. Hopping around the province won't be much of a trouble since public transportation is readily available. Knowing your way around may yet be that important since the province is an entry point to other key locations in the Bicol region.

Getting to Sorsogon

This province is the southern tip of the island of Luzon, which is the biggest island in the Philippines. When taking a trip to the place, you would have to consider what means of transportation you take. You usually will have to choose to travel by land or plane if you're coming from major locations in Luzon like Manila and Angeles City. An added travel option if you're coming from the Philippine's south is by ferry.

The most common, and the cheapest, way into the province is by bus from Manila. You'll travel from Manila to Legazpi first. The bus ride from Manila all the way to Legazpi City lasts for about ten hours. The trip from Legazpi City usually lasts from 45 minutes to an hour. The fare would normally be around P700 give or take. A little note you should consider is that bus fares will be jacked up during the peak season, which is usually around April to May and the holidays so you better assess your travel options.

Another travel option is to travel by air from Manila. If you're coming from Angeles City you would have to travel from Angeles to Manila and then take the plane from Manila going to Legazpi. Airfares will vary slightly from one carrier to another. However, you should find it to cost around P1,500 on average. The flight from Manila to Legazpi will take around 45 minutes. Two popular carriers, Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific fly to Legazpi two to three times a week.

Flying from Cebu to Legazpi will be a bit more expensive with flights priced around P3,000. The flight from Cebu will last for about an hour. If you think the flight fare from Cebu is a tad too expensive then you might choose other travel options that are much cheaper but would require a longer travel time. Your sea voyage will start from Cebu heading off to Masbate, which will take around 12 hours of travel. From the island of Masbate you take a ferry to the town of Pilar, which is around two hours away. You can then head off to whatever destination you would like to choose.

There is another travel option from Cebu that will take you to the other end of the province in the town of Matnog. You can travel from Cebu going to Samar, which takes about 14 hours. You then get on the ferry from Samar to Sorsogon, which is a two-hour boat ride. Whichever sea travel option you choose will definitely depend on where you want to go in Sorsogon. Those who want to see the sights on the southern end of the province may opt for the Cebu-Samar trip while those going for the northern parts of the province may opt for the Cebu-Masbate trip.

Roaming Around Sorsogon

Sorsogon also has the standard means of transportation in the Philippines. If you're traveling within a town, the common means is to hop on a tricycle. There are also jeepneys, customized passenger jeeps, that can take you from town to town. You can also get on a bus coursing through the national roads going in and out of the province. Taxis or air-conditioned vans are meant for long distance and a more convenient way to travel. These are your travel options getting in and around Sorsogon. One last tip is that whenever you're trying to catch a ride within the province, the first thing you should ask around for is a terminal.



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